Tess Senay Raynovich Art & Earth Fund

Supporting artists and Eco-art 

Tess Senay Raynovich Eco Art Series

Eco Art Workshops for Middle and High School Students

When Tess was in high school she volunteered for the after-school art club at Quaker Valley Middle School. She loved working with students during that time. So this project felt right to us. 

Middle and high school students from school districts in our region will have the opportunity to take any of the six eco art workshops that will be offered at Sweetwater Arts Center this spring. 

By funding this program the TSR Art & Earth Fund is meeting the most important parts of our mission. We will be supporting eco artists who will teach, providing creative opportunity for the community, and sharing the importance of respecting our natural resources.

We are so grateful to everyone who has donated to Tess's fund and allowing us to honor Tess in this way. We hope you too will take pride in what you a have done through Tess's fund.  

Tess Senay Eco Art Prize 2019 ~ I always thought there would be more by Maria Mangano 

We were so happy to join with Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse to award the Tess Senay Eco Art prize of 2019! The six finalists created wonderful work (see slideshow above)which was exhibit at PCCR April through June. Maria Mangano's I always thought there would be more, won the prize of $500.00. Maria also gave a workshop for the community at PCCR during the summer as part of the prize.  Thank you to everyone who help us support artists and the community while promoting consciousness of the value of our natural resources. And of course for remembering Tess.


Several years ago Vanessa German, artist & activist, put out a message that the Art House, a community space for art & peace that she created in Homewood, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh, was in need of a bench. We admire Vanessa German for her art and for the love and inspiration she gives to the Art House, so we donated a beautiful big bright red bench to the House. The house is covered with a beautiful mosaic that the community made together and the words "Tess is Love" are on the front steps next to the bench. 

This unexpected remembrance of Tess meant so much to us. It stuck with us. When we participated in Pitt's PARKing Day it was a natural fit to have a bench, but we also wanted to bring the spirit of the Art House to the project. Tess's aunt,AnneNewman,jumped in to donate the bench. We wrote "_______is Love" on strips of recycled material.On the day of the event we asked people to fill in the blank and tie their strip on to the previous strip,eventually weaving everyone's love definition together on the bench. We had a great response and it was beautiful. This stuck with us also.

Diana Schwab, one of our board members, noticed that in Tess's hometown the benches that had been at the bus stops had been removed and suggested that we donate a bench to promote public transit along with giving to the community.  

This spring our first official "Tess is Love" bench was installed! This bench comes from Landscape Forms which has strong environmental policies for their processes and products. And the bench is beautiful! We have set a goal to install one new Tess is Love Bench per year. We would love to hear of any spots that you think might need us! Our plan is to continue to place these beautiful benches near bus stops to encourage and reward the use of public transit.

Thanks for supporting this project!

We were so happy to award the 2019 Tess Senay Raynovich Art Scholarship tonight to a talented young artist, Kenna Bates! We love her work and it was wonderful to meet her. Thank you to Lacey Hall who was our judge again this year. She and Anna Frances did a great job of presenting. Thanks yet again to our Treasurer/ Board member Marc Kennedy for supporting us!

2019 Tess Senay Raynovich Scholarship

We are very happy to announce this year's scholarship winner, Franzi Nace. She is a writer, a visual artist and an athlete. Her submission included digitally altered landscapes and a strong essay on eco art. We were very happy to meet Franzi and wish her all the best as she begins studies at Columbia University in the fall. Pictured here, L to R, Nancy Kirkwood (Tess's mother,) Franzi Nace, Lacey Hall (scholarship judge and Tess's friend.)

2017 Tess Raynovich Art Scholarship

Zoe Wills was awarded a $1,000 scholarship for her work in photography. She will be attending the University of Dayton in the fall. Her photography and essay on eco art carried Tess's spirit. Thank you to all of our donors for helping us support and encourage young artists. Pictured from left to right are Nancy Kirkwood, Zoe Wills, Lacey Hall and Marc Kennedy.  You can see samples of all the scholarship winners on our gallery page.

ReNew Festival: TSR Art & Earth Awards Artist Jennifer Meridian Regional Prize

Pittsburgh's month long Re:New Festival brings a celebration of Creative Recycling, Transformation and Sustainability.   It features Drap-Art, based in Barcelona, which showcases accomplished international artists who create provocative and compelling art from reused materials. Drap-Art, having exhibited across multiple continents for 15 years, Drap-Art chose to host its North American premiere at the Re:NEW festival here in Pittsburgh. 

    This festival was  a perfect opportunity for us to support eco art and artists. We were very happy when we were approached about sponsoring a prize. Our wonderful friends at Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse suggested  a two pronged prize that would benefit both the artist and community.  Jennifer Meridian was awarded a $500.00 prize for her work "Waterfall Vision" (a portion of the work is shown here) and was invited to be the featured artist at a community workshop at the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse. We are very grateful for this opportunity to support the Eco Art community and to keep Tess's spirit in this world. 

2016 Tess Raynovich Art Scholarship Winner Lareina Shu 

Lareina is attending Cleveland Institute of Art. She is pictured here with artist & judge, Lacey Hall and TSR Board member, Marc Kennedy.

Lift a Glass to Tess! 2016

We had a great time seeing old and new friends. Thank you all for your support!

2015 Tess Raynovich Scholarship!

Tieg Harte -  Art 
Attending School of the Art Institute of Chicago

"Lift a Glass to Tess" on May 14th was fun and successful for the fund and for our spirits! Many thanks to Anna Raynovich and Lou Kroeck of Pittsburgh Happy Hour for hosting!
More photos on our Gallery page.

Dia de los Muertos 2014

Dia de los Muertos 2014

For a second year the TSR Art Fund has supported activities around the traditional holiday of Dia de los Muertos. This holiday is a time to remember and honor loved ones that are no longer with us, which is reason enough to love it. We have the added incentive of the fact that Tess was deeply interested in Mexican art and especially the art associated with this holiday.

The activities this year included an ofrenda workshop at Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, FIESTA! at the Kaufman Center with almost 400 kids and their families joining in the art and celebration, and a papel picado (paper craft) workshop at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. All of these activities were led by the great instructors from Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.

Artist Interrupted: The Art of Tess Senay 
Sweetwater Center for the Art Exhibit June 28, 2014 - August 2, 2014

2014 TSR Art and Poetry Scholarships Awarded 

On June 5th Tess's friend, Rachael Diemert, presented the TSR Art and Earth Fund's Art Scholarship to Mazher Udaipurwala and the Poetry Scholarship to Clara Murray. Surprisingly, both recipients had known Tess. Mazher (who will be attending Cleveland Institute of Art in the fall) had been mentored by Tess in the after school art club when he was in middle school and Clara (attending UNC Ashville in the fall) is the younger sister of Tess's friend Jake, and had met her many times. It was very special to meet these young artists and to know that Tess is a part of their journey in a new way. A very big thank you to Rachael, Marc Kennedy (TSR board member) and Elizabeth Kennedy for never-ending support.


Tess Senay Eco-Arts Projects with Youth Place, inc. presents "Our World; Our View" Photography Project.  

Learning editing tools while experiencing their own neighborhood environments in a new way. 

A great show! Thank you to all

 the youth leaders, Iesha, Lori 

and all the people at Youth Places

 that helped to make our pilot

photography program a success! 

Dia de los Muertos Pittsburgh

We were very happy to be a part of the Dia de los Muertos Pittsburgh. We are one of serveral organizations to support this traditionally Mexican holiday. Check out our Links page for an essay about the holiday by Marion Winik. 

The activities in Pittsburgh have been going on since September with community workshops to create the traditional and personal art of Dia de los Muertos. We have created a storefront Ofrenda in the Penn Avenue Arts District where the November 1st celebration will happening.

Thank you to Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse for bringing this opportunity to support the arts and our community.


OFRENDA para Tess Senay

Tess Senay Raynovich Eco-Art Camp at Sewickley YMCA June 2013

One of the goals of the TSR Art and Earth Fund’s is to bring access to art to people of all ages that have artistic interest and talent but find barriers to growth as artists.  We are happy to be partnering with the Sewickley Valley YMCA to present the Tess Senay Raynovich Eco-Art Camp during the week of June 17th. The camp will consist of four afternoon sessions, each one with a different focus but with all having an eco-art component. 

We are very pleased to have several artists lead the sessions, giving the participants (middle school students for this session) a range of artistic view points.  Our artist are; Sara Beck Sweeney, a mixed media artist, Martin Thomas, who will be doing wire work and video work for the camp and Erika Johnson, Director of Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, and artist who works with alternative photographic processes along with found, rescued, and natural materials.

We hope this camp will serve as a template for many more to come. 

Link here to an article on the fund and the camp.