Tess Senay Raynovich Art & Earth Fund

Supporting artists and Eco-art 

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We are a very small but hard working fund. Your support means more than you can know.

What you can do -

~ Be kind
~ send love out into this world

Board Members 

Sabrina Crivelli

Rachael Diemert

Marc Kennedy

Nancy Kirkwood 

Anna Raynovich

Diana Schwab

Tess strongly identified with this poem written by Eyrkah Badu.

Warrior's Reminder

i am awake
my mind is free
i am creative
i love myself
my will power is strong
i am brave
i practice patience
i don’t judge folks
i give not to receive
i don’t expect
i accept
i listen more than i talk
i know i’ll change
i know you’ll change
i’ll hold on one more day
i start over when necessary
i create my own situations
i am cosmic
i do not have the answers
i desire to learn
i am the plan
i am strong
i am weak
i know i will
i take on responsibility
i hide myself from no one
i’m on my path
warriors walk alone
i won’t let my focus change
taking out the demons in my range