Tess Senay Raynovich Art & Earth Fund

Supporting artists and Eco-art 

Tess Senay Raynovich - Our inspiration. 

   Born on May 15, 1992 




The outpouring of love for Tess when she was taken from us was overwhelming. We are so grateful to have had this fund, to focus on during the very difficult time that followed her death and to honor her generous spirit going forward.  Tess would love that we are encouraging others on the path she planned to walk herself. 

We believe that art can expand creative thinking across disciplines and communicate ideas that are essential to the well being of our culture. Tess was always an artist but it was not until just before her death that she began to envision how she could infuse her art with her interest in the care of our natural resources.  

Our task, in honoring Tess, is to support working eco artists, student artists and community activities and projects that communicate Tess’s vision for her art.

Please visit the “What’s Going On” page to see what we have done so far. Looking to the future, we will continue with our scholarships and projects and are developing a plan for a public art project. On the development side of things we will continue to reach out to supporters, work to expand our partnerships with like-minded community organizations, and build sustainable streams of revenue. We are so grateful for every bit of support we recieve.

Tess's family and friends will always hold Tess's spirit as a guide for all we do with this fund that honors her.

The Tess Senay Art & Earth Fund is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. Proceeds from items in our shop go the TSR Fund. Direct donations can be made online (see below) or sent to:

Tess Senay Raynovich Art and Earth Fund

34 Thorn Street

Sewickley PA 15143

Board Members 

Sabrina Crivelli

Rachael Demerit

Marc Kennedy

Nancy Kirkwood 

Anna Raynovich

Diana Schwab

Tess strongly identified with this poem written by Eyrkah Badu.

Warrior's Reminder


i am awake
my mind is free
i am creative
i love myself
my will power is strong
i am brave
i practice patience
i don’t judge folks
i give not to receive
i don’t expect
i accept
i listen more than i talk
i know i’ll change
i know you’ll change
i’ll hold on one more day
i start over when necessary
i create my own situations
i am cosmic
i do not have the answers
i desire to learn
i am the plan
i am strong
i am weak
i know i will
i take on responsibility
i hide myself from no one
i’m on my path
warriors walk alone
i won’t let my focus change
taking out the demons in my range