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Tess is Love Bench Project needs you!


Several years ago Vanessa German, artist & activist, put out a message that the Art House, a community space for art & peace that she created in Homewood, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh, was in need of a bench. We admire Vanessa German for her art and for the love and inspiration she gives to the Art House, so we donated a beautiful big bright red bench to the House. The house is covered with a beautiful mosaic that the community made together and the words "Tess is Love" are on the front steps next to the bench. 

This unexpected remembrance of Tess meant so much to us. It stuck with us. When we participated in Pitt's PARKing Day it was a natural fit to have a bench, but we also wanted to bring the spirit of the Art House to the project. Tess's aunt, Anne Newman,jumped in to donate the bench. We wrote "_______is Love" on strips of recycled material.On the day of the event we asked people to fill in the blank and tie their strip on to the previous strip,eventually weaving everyone's love definition together on the bench. We had a great response and it was beautiful. This stuck with us also.

Diana Schwab, one of our board members, noticed that in Tess's hometown the benches that had been at the bus stops had been removed and suggested that we donate a bench to promote public transit along with giving to the community.  

This spring our first official "Tess is Love" bench was installed! This bench comes from Landscape Forms which has strong environmental policies for their processes and products. And the bench is beautiful! 

Bring us your ideas! Seriously, we want ideas for locations, bench artists, funding, etc. We are so grateful for all of you!

Thanks for supporting the Tess is Love Bench Project!